My fab new trainers from Merrell – ‘All Out Rush’!

                           Allout Rush womens 2 Allout Rush womens
Big thumbs up to Merrell for the ‘All out Rush’ trainers, what an outstanding pair of trainers!
As an all terrain runner, meaning that I generally start on tarmac and end up on country trails, I need an all round shoe that can cope with diverse surfaces. These trainers are light enough that they don’t feel like heavy trail running shoes but grippy enough underfoot that they keep you stable on uneven ground.
When I first put them on I was impressed but slightly dubious about the amount of room around my toes. I thought they would feel stiff and not support my foot enough. I needn’t have worried though, the space around my toes and the low rise around my ankle made it feel like running on marshmallows, and who could resist that!
The shoes are light, with a curve at the back and at the front, making it feel like you can run faster as you lift your foot off the ground more smoothly. The fabric on the top of the foot feels comfy but supportive.
After years wearing minimalist shoes on the road and heavy shoes on the trails I now have a lightweight shoe that lets me run where I want – brilliant!

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