London marathon in full swing!!

Marathon training is now well under way as I prepare for the London Marathon in April. I’m actually quite scared by the amount of miles I am going to have to run in the next 12 weeks!!!

I am also trying to fit in enough swimming and cycling that my Triathlon training doesn’t slip pre the European Championships in Kitzbuhel in June. Its going to be a busy few months!

My first challenge is to run 17 miles tomorrow, luckily it will be less windy than it has been lately but its still long bleurgh! To help me on my way I have downloaded Chrissie Wellington’s Audiobook on my iphone, if the greatest female Ironman winner can’t motivate me I’m in trouble!

My plan is to run 7.5min/mile and enjoy it 🙂 

Here are pics from my race last Sunday where I achieved 4th position and qualified to race for Cambridgeshire County. It was a boggy slightly hilly 5.8km course, great for strength training, I finished it in 21:55.


 That’s me looking at my garmin!



Am I nearly smiling at the start??


This is my week’s training:-

Monday – 4.5miles run, 20miles cycle

Tuesday – 4miles run

Wednesday – 6 miles lunch run and evening swim (30mins hard)

Thursday – 11miles @7min/mile run

Friday – Easy 4.5miles to prepare for tomorrows’s 17mile run

Sunday – 9miles including a 5mile race (if my legs are ok :-))


I found a great blog this week by a running girl in the US, it made for great reading:-


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