The London Marathon and other crazy 2014 challenges – here I come!

With help from a decent Playlist or 2 on my iPod I am now embarking on a very new experience. London Marathon training – eeeek! It’s a bit scary for 3 reasons, 1) the volume of running, up from my comfortable 35 miles a week to over 70 miles at my peak of marathon training, 2) doing all that throughout the winter – brrrrrrrr 3) Balancing the increased running miles with cycling and swimming for the European Champs next June.

I decided to add the marathon to my list of challenges for next year after finding out that I could qualify for a Championship place due to my recent half marathon time of 1hr25mins at the Perkins Great Eastern Run. I’ll start just behind the Elites which will be a great experience, I’m sure Mo Farrah will be feeling nervous when he sees me arrive 😉

My other challenges for next year are as follows:-

January – Folksworth 15miles – a nice local race that will set me up for the marathon

April – London Marathon

June – GB European Championship Sprint Triathlon – Kitzbuhel, Austria

June-August – Pac Trac Mini Series Triathlons

September – The awesome Man vs Mountain (cant wait for this one!!!!!)

September – ‘Starting at the North sea’ – Coast to Coast – excited and scared for this one

Over the next week I will be establishing a training plan, most probably based on the one included below. I say based on, as I may need to modify it a little. It is intended for competitive runners (hoping to go under 2hrs50) which is a little ambitious. It also includes a 30mile run at week 17, again a little ambitious for me. That would require a whole lot of jelly babies!!

I will also be checking I have enough cold weather clothing, I have already bought myself some cycling overshoes from so that I can continue cycling my Canyon Time Trial bike over the winter.


And last but not least I will be extending my running playlist to include, Band of Skulls, The Foals, Ben Howard (chilled but motivating), Artic Monkeys and of course the legendary Foo Fighters (for the hills) – I may even sneak in some Michael Bubble as a treat for the really long runs. Granted its an eclectic mix!

The Training plan I may follow is the one below. I will have to add in cycling and swimming too and my aim is to concentrate hard on running, cycling and swimming until early March then reduce the swims and cycles and increase the running volumes as shown below. This plan does not allow for rest days which is quite unusual but I will be building some in to ensure I don’t get too fatigued and to allow my body to recover well. I best buy some large bags of pasta!

My aim, (for the record) is to get as close to 3 hours as possible, whilst still enjoying the experience!


I will also be following advice from the latest issue of Outdoor fitness Magazine (Dec 2013) by including some strength and stability work. My personal opinion is that this issue is the best yet. Its well worth a read if you want to build in some injury prevention strength work into your plan. Something I think we all need when doing endurance training!

I will also continue to ‘Bullet Proof My Core’, as described in the November issue of Outdoor Fitness magazine:-


(Taken from Outdoor Fitness Magazine – November 2013 issue – Bauer Media)

Trail Running magazine is another favourite read and again I think the punchy style adopted for the latest issue inspires and motivates me to ignore the cold and run run run!!!

Happy running! Please feel free to add a comment and/or let me know your tips and tricks as I ventured into the new world of marathon training 🙂


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