I won a race!!


This is me and my little cheerleader son Ollie at yesterday’s Frostbite League Race, an awesome set of 5mile races in Cambridgeshire organised for local running clubs to compete against each other for the glory of being the best team in the area. Cleverly entitled due to the races taking place over the winter, and let me tell you, they get very boggy, very cold  and very wet, especially in Jan and Feb.

Yesterdays race was a very good learning experience for me. I started near the front of the line (just behind the super speedy men) and saw a lady I didn’t recognise to my right. I quickly asked my friend if he knew her but he didn’t so I had no idea if she was a speedy one or not!! As we started off up the hill she and I were side by side for around 3/4 mile until I pushed ahead To maintain 1st position. The course was 3 laps of the field I used to run at school in PE (when running felt like a chore) – oh how I wish I could go back and persuade my younger self to train more. It took nearly 20 years for me to become the competitive being I am today!!

Anyway back to the race. I was the front runner throughout the 5miles (first lady not 1st overall) but I had the fear that the other girl was right behind me and would soon overtake. I had to keep very strong and focused throughout, which I find difficult to do when I am pushing so hard. In most races my mind starts to wander as the oxygen levels dip, I’m usually planning my sons packed lunches for the week in my head whilst trying to keep up a good pace. Yesterday however I maintained my focus and pace to become first woman over the finish line. A well deserved large glass of red wine, chicken pie and chocolate helped finish off a successful day 🙂

Training over the weekend:

saturday- 40 miles cycling split into a morning ride and an afternoon ride. 750metres pool swim and stretching.

Sunday- 5miles racing, 3 miles warm up/cool down + lots and lots of stretching



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