My running and cycling rules

This is a list of my running rules – please feel free to add to it below with your own rules, I’m always keen to learn from others πŸ™‚

1) ENJOY IT – I run,cycle, swim train and race because I enjoy it and because I want to do it – if I don’t want to do it Ill have a day off. When I’m in my favourite places (Devon for example) I really make the most of my surroundings, soak up the beautiful views and consider myself very lucky.

2) Keep thinking positively- even if you have to force yourself, don’t allow negative thoughts to creep in. If some one tells you you’re running well, use it to motivate you when you’re training. If you start feeling negative during your training, force yourself to turn it into a positive. If your legs and lungs hurt, focus on the views or the fresh air and congratulate yourself on how far you’ve run.

3) Use Goals – goals don’t have to be as big as ‘completing a 10k race by the end of the month’ you can and in my view should, set goals for every training session. I ran 12 miles this morning, I ditched the watch and aimed to enjoy my run. My whole goal was enjoyment. Goals don’t have to be hard, they can be fun and they can be fulfilling.

4) Use music. During my training for my first half marathon I listened to the same album every time I ran my long runs. This meant that every time I started the long run I remembered my last run and I was able to leave home behind and click instantly into my running goal.

5) Stretch. I don’t do this enough but I’m getting better!

6) Motivate others. It’s good to share experiences, learn from others and pass on your enthusiasm. Positivity breeds positivity.

7) Use visualisation. During very long hard rides or runs I often imagine I have someone struggling next to me and imagine what I would say to get them through the session. I do this to motivate myself. I also imagine I have a competitor I have been trying to beat for a while and imagine overtaking them and keeping up the pace, that fires up the adrenaline and keeps me going!! When I did Man Vs Mountain I was First Lady throughout and imagined what I would tell my family about the race – I thought these thoughts for a good 3hours and it helped keep me focused and reminded me to keep working hard.

8) Weight train. It’s boring and hard but it helps keep you strong and injury free.

My training this week

Monday: 18 miles cycling, 5miles running, sports massage yeeouch!

Tuesday: Athletic Track session 4x400metres interspersed with 3x1miles – killer!!

Wednesday: 4.5miles run and weights, squats, Jackknives, planks,press ups, sit ups, rows

Thursday: 4.5miles run

Friday: 4.5miles run- lots of running and not much time for cycling 😦 and no swimming naughty me!!

Plan for weekend

Saturday: 50miles cycling and weights

Sunday: 5miles Frostbite race yeeha!!! πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “My running and cycling rules

  1. Hi Tracy,
    My name is Ben – Im the graphic designer over at Rat Race, I’d like to talk to you about using some of your content about our events in our own Blog that we will be launching soon.

    Many thanks, Ben

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