More speed in training this week

My training has gone well this week. My aim was to start adding some speed back in as I felt I was starting to get complacent and enjoy the slow,long runs a bit too much! I ended up doing some running sprints, a tempo run and some good miles on the bike.

Monday – 1.5k swim in around 25mins and a 4.5 mile run @ 7.5min/mile

Tuesday – Sprints on treadmill 12×0.25miles @ 11mph pace followed by Squats with Barbell, Press-ups, Jackknives, Step-ups with weights and Rows

Wednesday – 4.5mile run @6.37min/mile – a really decent run, I was happy with the speed

Thursday – Insanity workout for strength (my 4&6 yr old boys joined in too!)

Friday – 45 miles cycling on a beautiful evening – absolute bliss to get on the bike!!

Saturday is race day this week, I’m doing 4 miles as part of a relay team completing Helly Hansen’s Beauty and the Beast Marathon , apparently its ‘The UK’s Toughest, most rewarding trail marathon challenge’ I looovvee trail running so cant wait for this one!!!  My aim will be to run as fast as I can and maintain the speed throughout. Sounds simple !!

Happy training 🙂


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