Monday and Tuesday Training – Man vs Mountain recovery

I’m continuing to recover from Man vs Mountain this week, I’m also wondering how long I can fool myself into thinking I still need to recover!! It took a good 6 days to get over the aching quads (thanks to running up and down Snowdon!), helped only by a session on the Power Plate and some muscle rolling – ouch!

I managed a decent, if slow 28 miles last week to ease back into the training and move some of the lactic acid out of my legs . I have to admit I love some slow running once in a while, it’s a chance to enjoy the sport and give my legs a break from speed speed speed. If only I had a nice coastline nearby to indulge my passion for trail running near the sea! Still I’m lucky to live and train in the beautiful Cambridgeshire/Northamptonshire countryside so I’m not complaining 🙂

This week has started with the following:-


Monday – 6:30am Swim 1.5k – 25mins and 12pm 4.5 mile easy run @7.5min/mile


Pre training snack – Banana and water

Breakfast – post swim – Porridge/apple/yoghurt/tea

Snack – Rice cakes and banana

Lunch – post run – Ham salad with   cottage cheese/yoghurt/nectarine

Snack – Porridge with skimmed milk

Dinner– Stir fry with butter beans and tortilla

Snack – Curly wurly and   small milky bar 🙂 (I’d like to say nuts and seeds but I’d be lying)

Today I’m aiming for some speed at the Athletics with the Pac Tracers (Peterborough Triathlon group). Track running is my least favourite, it hurts and it’s dull in my view but its also necessary if I’m to get a decent time in my triathlons. My coach has informed me we’re doing 500m sets tonights, probably x12. Although looking at the rain I may do the sets on the treadmill instead!!

Happy training


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